Blanket Ladders

Ladders are a great way to add some rustic elements to your home decor.  They can be used in the living room or bedroom to hold blankets, in the bathroom to hold towels, or in the kitchen to hold dish towels.


Sitting them on an entrance table, adds height to your decor.


The height of the ladder allows you to create a perfect vignette.


Blanket ladders can do so much more that hold blankets, towels, & dish towels.  They can be a versatile decorating tool.  Think of the ladder as a blank canvas that you can dress up depending on the season.  For fall, weave a garland of leaves and berries through the rungs.   Bring a bit of rustic to Christmas with a wreath.  When spring rolls around, hang a bucket of tulips or babies breath.  Summer red, white, & blue can help bring a patriotic flare to your decor.

You can use cup hooks to hang items such as garlands, wreaths, or buckets to your ladder.

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