Ladders are a great way to add some rustic elements to your home decor.  We carry two types in our booths and always have a few handy to add versatility.


Here we used our block rung ladders to hold vintage linen.  This would be beautiful with several colorful linens scatted among the rungs.


Our second ladder, shown below,  with flat angle rungs are a great option for larger items such as blankets or throws in the living room or bedroom, and bath towels in the bathroom.


We stain some and we paint some, just depends on the mood I'm in.  I LOVE to mix custom stain colors and the options are endless when I start mixing paint, you never know what colors you will find on our ladders.

Can't make it to one of our booths?  No can find these ladders and much more in our Etsy Shop:  ThePaintedLadderCo